About The Pavilion

We are pleased to be hosting the very first Climate Justice Pavilion in the Blue Zone at COP27.  We will be bringing a delegation of over 40  representatives of grassroots communities; Students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs);  and staff support to  manage  logistics, travel, programming of the pavilion, and relevant research.

What is COP?

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2022 (UNFCCC COP 27) will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6-18, 2022. More commonly known as the Conference of Parties (COP), the summits are held annually and bring together around 30,000 participants to negotiate policies, take stock of and celebrate commitments, highlight and catalyze action by non-Party actors, expand the network of coalitions and partnerships and inspire others.

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Blue Zone Vs. Green Zone

The Blue Zone is where the majority of diplomats, policymakers, business, and professional advocates convene. As a result, climate justice voices and perspectives are not heard by most of the influencers who are situated in the Bluer Zone.

Grassroots groups and activists who table and provide programming, host rallies, and convenings are usually in the Green Zone, which is geographically isolated from the Blue Zone.

Why this matters!

Because of the segregation of the Blue Zone and Green Zone, a collaboration was developed to better integrate the Blue Zone by developing a safe space, a Climate Justice Pavilion where folks from the Global South, the U.S. Environmental Justice Movement, and other international movements can dialogue on these issues, as well as; share knowledge, strategies and tactics with each other develop relationships that can provide substantive data and information that builds their capacity, and attract the more mainstream attendees to learn, share their perspectives, and perhaps develop collaborations  and strategic partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

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The First Climate Justice Pavilion at COP

The Climate Justice Pavilion is a place where individuals from the Global South, the U.S. Environmental Justice Movement, and other international movements can dialogue on issues including:

People of the migrating global south, who are forced to flee their homes due to out-sized natural disasters and life-taking pollution, connecting to make their voices heard.

The risk of carbon capture and storage technology to front-line communities and the need for just solutions to reduce carbon.

Climate Finance and the need to support communities with mitigating and adapting policies that will address climate change.

The need for energy justice, including equitable reparations for communities.

Loss and damage to underserved communities due to years of colonialism and environmental racism.

Climate reparations for poor communities burdened by the world’s richest people.

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